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5G CBD HHC Bulk 5 Gram Delta 8 Disposable

Introducing our new product with dimensions of 32 mm *16 mm * 68 mm. This device has three voltage options available: green light at 2.5V, blue light at 3.0V, and red light at 3.5V. It also has a preheating voltage of 2.0V and a resistance of the heating wire of 1.2 Ω. The battery capacity is 400mah, allowing for extended use without frequent charging.
  • T5

  • Focol

Our product is a high-quality vape device, using high-quality batteries to provide long-lasting and stable voltage output. The Type-C port on the bottom makes charging your device a breeze.

Additionally, we offer packaging design options to suit your needs and preferences. Our disposable vape devices perfectly match CBD, HHC, THC, Delta 8 9 10 and other oils.

Feature Specification
Size 32mm*16mm*68mm

Green light 2.5V 
Blue light 3.0V 
Red light 3.5V

Preheating voltage 2.0V
Resistance of heating wire 1.2 Ω
Battery capacity 400mah
Oil storage capacity 5.0ml
Oil inlet hole 4*1.8

5 gram disposable vape specification


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  +86-15323786365
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