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Focol is short for focus on cannabis (CBD) oil life .  Focol is a global supplier of electronic atomization technology solutions. Now Focol has a modern manufacturing factory for cbd cartridge/ vape battery disposable vape pen and pod system vape device.The professional R&D and design team working to release purer flavors and higher potency of extracts with various types of viscosity efficiently .The monthly production of atomizing equipment is up to 3 million pieces.
Disposable Vape Pens
We Supply All The Cartridge And Disposable Vape Pen Differernt Versions For Delta 8 9 10 THC And THCO HHC THCP HHCP HHCO Oils
2ml THCP Disposable Pen Empty
2ml Preheat Vape Pen Disposable HHC
Empty CBD HHC 4ML Thc Disposable Bar
Empty CBD HHC 4ML Thc Disposable Box​​​​​​​
Empty 2ML+2ML Delta 8 Disposable Dual Flavors Wholesale ​​​​​​
Empty 2ML+2ML Delta 8 Disposable  Dual Flavors Wholesale ​​​​​​​
3ml delta 8 disposable vape pen
2ml/3ml Delta 8 Disposable THC-O HHC Vape Pen
Professional Techincal Team
We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.
Professional Techincal Team
Focol is short for focus on cannabis (CBD) oil life .  Focol is a global supplier of electronic atomization technology solutions. Now Focol has a modern manufacturing factory for cbd cartridge/ vape battery disposable vape pen and pod system vape device.The professional R&D and design team working to release purer flavors and higher potency of extracts with various types of viscosity efficiently .The monthly production of atomizing equipment is up to 3 million pieces.​​​​​​​
7 years
We provide 7*24 Hours Service and reasonable Price
Is ceramic cartridge better?

The coil of vape is very important to vape. How to filter out the harmful substances of the e-liquid and the atomization of the e-liquid have a lot to do with the coil!When vape first came out, vape only had one kind of cotton coil, and with the improvement of technology, ceramic coils appeared on t

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Articles 2023/03/16
How to use hhc disposable vape?

There are a variety of disposable vape pens on the vape market. Since they are pre-charged, all the customer has to do is simply pick it up and take a puff. No hassle.Disposable vape pens have numerous advantages, such as their affordability, reliability, ease of use, and convenience.There is an abu

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Articles 2023/03/13
Delta 10 Disposable Vape Not Working

Delta 10 Disposable Vape Not Working?If you met this problem , please check if the led light still on or not .Check the Delta 10 Disposable Vape pen is on or offCharge the battery for 20 mins , then try againCheck the pod is clogged or not, if clogged , please clear it or preheating before using.Che

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Articles 2023/03/13
20 listed vape companies

1. JuulJuul is a vape launched by American electronic cigarette company PAX Labs in June 2015. In July 2017, Juul Labs was spun off as an independent company to manufacture the Juul vape. At the end of 2017, Juul became the most popular vape in the United States. As of September 2018, its market sha

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Articles 2023/03/10
Zero nicotine, synthetic nicotine, open and solid vape

Atomization technology is not a patented product of the vape industry. In fact, it is also used in many fields, such as the medical field. But one thing is undeniable, because vape products have raised atomization technology to the level of science and technology, making it more and more valued by t

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Articles 2023/03/08
How long does a vape pen battery last?

Do vape batteries have a lifespan? Just like when we use a watch, the battery should be replaced when it is used. The main variable that needs to be considered for vape batteries is the battery manufacturer. Different manufacturers have different capacity and quality battery settings.How long is the

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Articles 2023/03/06
CBD life extension of 20%?

The clinical trial results of MYMD-1, a drug known as the "strongest anti-aging drug", have been released, and this substance extracted from tobacco is expected to become the first officially approved anti-aging drug on the market. Once the news came out, it took away a lot of attention from the ant

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Articles 2023/03/01
Nature Medicine paper: Vape can be used as a smoking cessation tool

Four principal investigators gathered evidence that vape can be used as a smoking cessation tool, according to a paper published in Nature Medicine.Professors Neal Benowitz, Ann McNeill, Nancy Rigotti and Kenneth Warner are the authors of the paper. The article suggests that vape are more effective

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Articles 2023/02/24
Vape can be used as a smoking cessation tool

Kenneth Warner, dean emeritus of the University of Michigan School of Public Health and Avedis Donabedian Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, said there is sufficient evidence to support the use of vape as an aid to smoking cessation in adults."Too many adults who want to quit smoking can't

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Articles 2023/02/22
What is in vape oil?

Cigarette oil is generally composed of PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin aka propanetriol), flavors, and nicotine/nicotine salts.Propylene glycol, is a common drug and food additive. It is a hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless and odorless transparent liquid. The main role is to act a

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Articles 2023/02/20
What is a vape pod?

What is a vape pod?The vape pod has always been considered the "good brother" of the sub ohm tank, the "better looking" brother. In the past year or so, the vape pod has become one of the main products of the e-cigarette device. Sleek, stylish, slim and compact, the vape pod is ideal for those seeki

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Articles 2023/02/17
Common electronic cigarette(vape) oil flavors

Common electronic cigarette(vape) oil flavorsTobacco flavors: imitation tobacco (i.e., imitation of existing traditional cigarette aroma); ordinary tobacco (i.e., the use of a variety of tobacco oils and edible flavors blended with a unique blend of tobacco aroma, such as light tobacco, nut tobacco,

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Articles 2023/02/15
Top 5 UK retail chains drop Elf Bar vape

The country's leading retailers have stopped selling the best-selling Elf Bar e-cigarettes after a Daily Mail investigation found that the company's products violate the UK's nicotine restriction laws.Tesco, Sainsbury's and WH Smith have removed all Elf Bars products from their shelves and Morrisons

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Articles 2023/02/13
How many hits is a 3 gram cart?

That's a question many would-be e-cigarette users have. Asked a lot of people, all said it depends on the frequency of use, some 2 days, some 3 days, some 5 days, or more.This time I'll tell you exactly how long a cartridge lasts.Take the focol cartridge for example.Because everyone has different ha

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Articles 2023/02/10
Japan is poised to legalize medical marijuana

The year is in the spring, and at the beginning of 2023, the process of legalizing medical marijuana in various countries has been significantly accelerated, and new measures and laws are constantly being lifted.According to Japanese media reports, according to the outline of the bill announced on J

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Articles 2023/02/06
Why vape pen not working after charge?

1.Wrong charging modeSolution: First confirm the use of the button electronic cigarette will not smoke, if the smoke can be normal, it means that the charging data cable is damaged, or the battery and the charging interface contact is bad, replace the data cable or charger. If not, the battery may b

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Articles 2023/02/03


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  • The Foaio delta 8 disposable Vape Pen filled our oil tastes so amazing. Smooth and creamy. Love it. Absolutely clean and relaxing but still energized.


  • Items are high quality and came exactly as advertised. Took a little over 2 weeks to get to Miami. Works great with thco distillate, best thco disposable vape pen I've tried thus far. Ordering more tonight, thanks for a solid product!
  • Tried some disposable bar from others , always meet leaking or brunt problems, But Focol did the different version for thc thco hhc delta 10 oils , it solved the problems prefect. Recommend the professional supplier.
    Very high quality everything came exactly as expected and then some. Very pleased with this company and their products! Excellent service as well!
    Fast shipping! Carts work great. No clogging or leaking. Big, consistent hits. Will order again. was my first order and I made the right decision the delivery was carried out quickly, I was surprised I recommend!
    Very aprehensive about purchaseing from this site. Now, I will be buying from here as long as I am in business.
    Items were exactly as fact I received a text to confirm order and recommend best product for oil used. Great communication in my eyes! Delivery time way faster than expected and I have reordered 3 times now. And free shipping is about as good as it gets. And as far as the top ...These are ceramic technology and smooth hit and best taste for very thick oil and no burnt taste what a so ever. These are the tops I will be using for a clean heathly vape.
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