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How to recharge a disposable vape?

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With the development of vape, most disposable vapes are equipped with rechargeable batteries. Following are instructions for recharging throwaway vapes with rechargeable batteries:

vape charge port

     1.Assemble your materials: You'll require a USB charger and a socket for connecting to a power source.(When buying electronic cigarettes, there will be a USB type-c charging cable in the box)

    2.The vape device's charging port is usually located at the vape device bottom or side.

    3.One end of the USB converter should go into the charging port on your vape, and the other end should go into an electrical outlet to complete the connection.

    4.The gadget should start charging as soon as it is connected. Depending on the battery capacity and the power source, the charging duration will change.

    5.Unplug the charger after some time has passed and examine the device's battery level. Reattach the charger and carry on charging if it still requires more power.

Note: Make careful to only use the charger that came with the device or an appropriate replacement. The incorrect charger can harm your gadget and pose safety risks.


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