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How long does a vape pen battery last?

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Do vape batteries have a lifespan? Just like when we use a watch, the battery should be replaced when it is used. The main variable that needs to be considered for vape batteries is the battery manufacturer. Different manufacturers have different capacity and quality battery settings.

How long is the battery life of the vape?

The main variable to consider when answering this question is the battery manufacturer, and different manufacturers will have different capacity and different quality battery settings. We ignore most of the uncertainties and illustrate with a simple estimate. Generally speaking, most 900mAh batteries can be pumped about 800 times, 650mAh batteries are about 400 times, and 1100mAh batteries are about 1000 times. Again, this is only the roughest estimate, it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and varies from user to user.

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What factors affect battery life?

Several factors can affect battery life, including the type of atomizer, battery capacity and battery manufacturer. For example: Focol's empty disposable vape pen has a charging cycle of 250-300 times, and it can last for two days after being fully charged. With these parameters, you can know that the expected life of this 280mAh battery pole is about 2 years. Battery life will vary with the capacity of the battery. A battery with a large capacity will have a longer service life, while a battery with a smaller capacity will have a shorter service life.

Where you store your batteries, and how hot they are when you use them, can also affect battery life. Storing batteries at high ambient temperatures, especially for extended periods of time, can have a significant impact on battery charge levels, which can lead to shortened battery life and reduced vape performance. Likewise, storing a fully charged battery will shorten battery life. In short, storage at high temperatures or at full charge for long periods of time puts extra stress on the battery and reduces its performance.

Tips for Extending Battery Life

The best way to prolong battery life is to make sure the vape is powered off when you're not using it. Although some hosts have automatic shutdown functions, these functions still cannot be shut down immediately, and there will be a certain delay to judge whether you will continue to use them, so you'd better shut them down manually. If your host has a power display, it can help you a lot.

If you know you're at about 50 percent and that's enough to last a day, then there's no need to charge the battery. Doing this means you'll have to charge it up less often, extending the life of the battery.

Do not store the battery in a hot place, but in a cool place. Keep the battery at about 40% when storing, which is the best way to store the battery. It's actually very simple and easy to do.


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