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what‘s the difference between focol foaio and ccell ds1903-m ds 1903 u disposable thc vape pen

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871_disposable vape pen

Whats the difference between focol brand foaio and ccell ds1903-m  ds1903-u ?

  1. Who made the pens ?

    Foaio is powered by focol a new brands who grows up fastly these years. DS1903-m and DS1903-u is made by ccell the famous brand.

  2. Whats the size differnece between foaio and ccell ds1903-m ds1903-u

    The size looks almost the same.

  3. Whats the material between ccell ds1903-m ds1903u and focol foaio

    The foaio is made by metal cover ccell ds1903-m is made by plastic. So focol foaio feels better when it in your hands.

  4. Whats is the volume between focol foaio and ds1903- and ds1903u 

    Ds1903m is 0.3ml ds1903u is 0.5ml , Focol foaio is 1.0gram

  5. How to choose from the pens?

    If you only need the pens made by famous brand , you have to choose ccell.  If you want to try a new brand , focol foaio is the best choice for you . you will be in love with the brand. It works prefectly , and the price is much better than ccell . The focol brand also have a department in Ca , so you will never be worreied about the after-sales service.


                                             Result (who win)
 Item           FOAIO           DS1903-M          DS1903-U                    Focol                  DS1903-M                 DS1903-U




微信图片_20210419103742 微信截图_20210419103845 / / /
Dimensions 107H*20W*8D(mm) 100 * 18W *7D 100 * 18W *7D /
Pod Volumes 1.0 Gram 0.3ml 0.5ml / /
Core Ceramic Coil Ceramic Coil Ceramic Coil
Oil Window On side none none / /
Resistance 1.8ohms 1.2ohms 1.2ohms / / /
Battery Capacity 280mAh 280mAh 240mAh /
Rechargeable Micro-USB None Micro-USB /
Charging time 40mins 90mins 90mins / /
Heavy Metal lead-free lead-free lead-free
Oil Holes  2*2.0mm 2*2.0mm 2*2.0mm
Filling Holes 2*3mm*3mm / / / / /
Cover Metal Aluminum Plastic Plastic / /
Switch AirfIow Auto(no button) AirfIow Auto(no button) AirfIow Auto(no button)
Starting Special Airflow(no clogged risk) Normal Normal / /
                                                  Score Combine The 15 Item Above 73.333333
46.66666667 46.66666667


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