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Why the full ceramic cartridge fall apart ?

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Why the full ceramic cartridge fall apart ?

1. The full ceramic coil cartridge builded by ceramic tube metal base and glass tank

2. Under the current process conditions, the tolerances of ceramic material products are difficult to control to a very precise degree

3.If the assembly is carried out by riveting, some products will have an interference fit and cause the glass to break, and some products will have a clearance fit, and the product cannot be assembled normally.

4.Therefore, most engineers finally adopted the method of glue bonding

5.In the assembly process, if the glue is too little, the adhesion will not be strong. The product will disintegrate during use. It means the base fall down from the tank ,we canot use it any more

6.There is another problem , Some factories are not familiar with glue characteristics, so they used the glue Intolerant of high temperature. when you vaping , the temperature go up soon , then the gule will be soft and the base will fall apart from the tank.

How to solve the problem ?

1. Choose the better glue 

2.improve production process

Whats the best solution ?

After more than a year of research and experimentation, focol brand find the best way to solve the problem . 

The full ceramic thc vape cartridge will comes without any glue , you will never care about it take part anymore.

full ceramic cartridge


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