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What is in vape oil?

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Cigarette oil is generally composed of PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin aka propanetriol), flavors, and nicotine/nicotine salts.

Propylene glycol, is a common drug and food additive. It is a hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless and odorless transparent liquid. The main role is to act as a carrier for flavoring, increase the taste of tobacco oil and produce a certain throat hit. Although propylene glycol is generally safe for human body, a few people still have side effects such as throat discomfort, phlegm, and allergy, etc. Vape oils with high PG content generally have a slightly stronger throat hit. Propylene glycol is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, food, beverages, flavors and fragrances, food additives, and cosmetics.

Glycerol/glycerin. Like PG, it is also a widely used ingredient in everyday life. Cosmetics, food, wine, and sugar are all labeled with "propylene glycol and propanetriol" on their packaging. People who like to eat sweets in particular consume a lot of VG. Foods that usually contain propylene glycol include bread, cakes, gum-based sweets, fruit juices, fruit vinegar, fruit wines, white wines, wines, dried fruits, and fruit cakes.

Flavors, flavors play a very important role in tobacco oil, and can be said to be the soul of the oil. The flavor of the oil is determined by the flavoring. The combination of different flavors, the proportion of the number of different flavors, determine the flavor of a cigarette oil. The general flavor of the unique tobacco oil, the flavor formula is also very complex. There are some special flavors, such as "menthol", will also have a sense of throat.

Nicotine. The main effect of nicotine is to relieve the addiction and produce a throat hit. It also has a certain effect of enhancing the taste of the tobacco oil.

Some people talk about "nicotine", think that nicotine is very toxic. In fact, the nicotine solution contained in tobacco oil is not very concentrated. For nearly a hundred years has been closely associated with "death", "cancer" and so on nicotine currently get a lot of new attention, a number of experts for its name. It is believed that nicotine in cigarettes is not too harmful, the real carcinogens are tar, carbon monoxide and more than 4,000 toxic and even radioactive substances produced by the combustion of cigarettes. Nicotine is not only found in tobacco, but also in the fruits of many species of plants, such as tomatoes and goji berries, which contain nicotine.

The above is the composition of the vape oil. The qualified smoking oil produced by the regular manufacturers are made of food-grade raw materials, which are very hygienic and safe. The common ingredients that make up tobacco oil have long been a part of our lives. Cosmetics for women, lipsticks, all contain PG, VG, and flavors. Cakes, cookies, and various foods also contain them.


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