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How many hits is a 3 gram cart?

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That's a question many would-be e-cigarette users have. Asked a lot of people, all said it depends on the frequency of use, some 2 days, some 3 days, some 5 days, or more.

This time I'll tell you exactly how long a cartridge lasts.

Take the focol cartridge for example.

Because everyone has different habits, the suction interval and the length of a single suction are also different, just like we eat, big and small, the result is also different.

So let's take a look at how long a 3ml cartridge would last under different puff times, assuming constant suction force.

3ml carts

Now let's simulate this with a suction machine:

In the case of constant suction force

A 3ml cartridge could be used for 1,900 cartrifs, with 1s each puff.

A 3ml cartridge can be used for 1000 cartridges of 1.5-second each.

You can smoke 700 cartridges of a 3ml cartridge with 2 seconds per puff.

A 3ml cartridge can be used for 400 cartridges with a inhale duration of 3s per puff.


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