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we will launch VAPE PEN POD SYSTEM today

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FOCOL has been in this industry for five years. The development of the past five years is inseparable from everyone's support. ❤️❤️❤️

Therefore, we use better products to repay the trust of our customers. As expected, our two patented products have received unanimous praise from customers, FOAIO and FOAIO-P.

At the same time, customers often ask, why don’t you design POD SYSTEM? So in order to meet the needs of customers, we will launch VAPE PEN POD SYSTEM today.

First of all, unlike disposable vapes, it can save you a fortune. When the oil is used up, you only need to change a pod. Are you still worrying about the one-off? Then buy it!!!

Secondly, it has a preheating function. Winter is coming soon, are you still annoyed about the oil becomes solid? Then buy it!!!

Finally, it is rechargeable. Are you still annoyed by the fact that the oil is not used up and the battery is dead? Then buy it!!!

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