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Why vape pen not working after charge?

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1.Wrong charging mode

Solution: First confirm the use of the button electronic cigarette will not smoke, if the smoke can be normal, it means that the charging data cable is damaged, or the battery and the charging interface contact is bad, replace the data cable or charger. If not, the battery may be damaged. Replace the battery.

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2. Smoke oil evaporation

The inside of the e-cigarette is not in unlimited supply, so users need to change or add it regularly. If you press the button of the e-cigarette and find that there is light (atomizer works), but no smoke is drawn out, it may be caused by the clean evaporation of the e-cigarette. You can open the e-cigarette and add the e-cigarette.

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3. Smoke pipe is blocked

In addition to the problems of battery and cigarette oil, there is another situation that the cigarette pipe is blocked. Under normal circumstances, foreign matter is unable to enter the inside of the e-cigarette, but if the user often places the e-cigarette randomly, there may be some dust and foreign matter, which will be deposited in the inside of the cigarette pipe. After a long time, it is easy to block the cigarette pipe and the root of the filter, resulting in the user being unable to smoke out.

In this case, you can split the e-cigarette into its original parts, and then focus on checking the pipe and filter (metaphorically, the end of the e-cigarette in your mouth). If there are any soot deposits or foreign objects, remove them and they can be used normally.


4. Atomizer is damaged

Most e-cigarettes use a battery to power an atomizer, which evaporates or atomizes the liquid and creates a fog similar to a traditional cigarette that is inhaled through the mouth. If the atomizer is damaged, the smoke cannot be drawn out even if the battery is charged, the liquid is filled and the pipe is not blocked.

In this case, you can only try to replace the battery or charge the battery. If the battery is replaced and fully charged, it still does not work, and the atomizer is not bright. Basically, you can determine the problem of the atomizer. has professional 24 hours after sales to solve your problems


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