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Why did my disposable vape randomly stop working?

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Why did my disposable vape randomly stop working?

   Welcome to visit . It is the offical webstite of Focol brand in Shenzhen China. As a professional Vape Device Manufacturer and a famous brand , we really donot like to reply this question, it means you have met problems on the device. I say sorry for all the users here. Sorry !

1. Check the battery powered off or not ?

You may be confused that it is a new disposable i just bought , why it is powered off ? Normally , all the vape deivce supplier will full chargerd the battery before selling.  But some manufacturer may use the low quality batteries ,the Internal resistance is too high , it will consume itself. And donot forget the shipping time from China to your country ,it need about 15-20 days , and the filling time and selling term . when you get it , it may be produced half an year. So the low quality battery may power off when you get it new in hands.


Soultion : Charge it fully to use.

2. The Disposable Pen light shinning when vaping ?

Alomst all the disposable vape pen , no matte auto draw or button draw comes with Short circuit protection , it shinning means power off or the disposable pen circuit. 

soultion : If it is power off , charge it will solve the problem. if it is circuit , it need professional person to fix , you have to open the disposable pen. and use multimeter to check the problems and fix (risk : you may broken the disposable pen and will never be fixed again ). 

3. The Disposable Pen is full charged and light is normal but donot hit ?

a. Low quality battery , for THC CBD Disposable pens , the working current is 3A . But some low quality battery can only supply 2A or 1A current, if it is 2A it may wokrs but the vapor is small . If it is 1A it may donot work. 

b, The Heating Coil Contection Broken. 

c. The control board met problems

d. The oil leaked to the borad 

soultion :

a. Change the battery cell inside. 

b. Use soldering iron to fix the coil contection line.

c. Replace the control system borad

d. Open the pen and clear the oil on the control system borad then baking the board dry

4.The disposable pen cannot open and no light on 

a. Powered off

b. Control Bord met problems


a.  Charge it 

b. Replace another well working control borad

5.The light shinning well , you can feel it is hiting ,but no vapors

a. The coil may clogged by thick oil

b. the airflow tube clogged 

Soultion :

a. preheating before using , or put a small stick into the airflow holes to dredge

b. Open the cap , to check the silione holes clogged or not and is it in the right place

Hope these info can help you to know the disposable pen well . wnen you buying the disposables , please confrim the device is made by high quality manufacturer and famous brand like focol. And take care about the clone ones . Such as focol brand vapes have a lot of  clone items on the market , we are working to stop that.  If you want to cooperate with focol , please visit and contact us here.

foaio 2ml Disposable Vape Pen


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