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Why Vaping Is Better Than Smoking Cigs

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If you are thinking about quitting cigarettes, you should know that you are not alone. Quitting a habit that is hard to live without, like smoking, can be very hard on most people. For your health, deciding to quit smoking cigarettes is most likely one of the best decisions for your future. Your body organs, especially your heart and lungs, suffer the most from smoking and second-hand smoke.

Alternative to Smoking Cigarette

Vaping or electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaping is simply the process of heating an e-liquid that creates a vapor that you inhale. Common devices you can use to vape include pens, e-cigarettes, etc.

Benefits of Vaping over Traditional Cigarettes


1. Less Harmful: The vape device heats the nicotine, which is a direct extract from tobacco, with your favorite flavor to create the aerosol you inhale. Your traditional tobacco products combine several other chemicals to produce cigarettes, which can be horrible for your body. The vaping products and devices provide you with the nicotine hit your body needs without toxic chemicals.

2. Hit Frequency: The main content the body craves in vaping and traditional cigarettes is nicotine. Vaping offers you a purer hit without toxins that satisfies you for longer before you start craving for another hit. This allows you to control your nicotine intake over the course of your day.

3. Significant Health Benefits: Vaping is 95% better for your health if you choose to compare it with the effect of smoking a traditional cigarette. Vaping does not leave tar in your lungs as cigarettes do. People who switch to vaping quickly see a significant health improvement like easier breathing, progress in their immune system, and others within a one-month period.

4. Less Expensive: There are many factors to consider regarding smoking cigarettes, like how much it really costs you. On average, traditional cigarette smokers go through a pack of cigarettes in two days. Of course, the cost of a pack depends on factors like where you buy it, cost of production, and other economic influences. On the other hand, Vaping provides a cheaper alternative compared to how much you would spend on cigarettes. Aside from the vaping product itself, the flavor and nicotine hit are more affordable and offer longer satisfaction.

5. Option to Quit: Vaping is an effective way to help smokers quit altogether. Having that nicotine rush is just one part of the overall experience. For traditional cigarette smokers who are looking for a social smoking activity without the negative effect of the cigarette, vaping is a suitable replacement.

Vaping Is The Better Option

Everyone who smokes the traditional cigarette is constantly thinking about quitting. Kicking out this habit for good is not usually easy in most cases. Vaping is a great option to help you achieve that effectively and safely. Transitioning from smoking tobacco and cigarette to vaping packs is the better option for your body, health, and wallet.


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