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What should I pay attention to when using vape pods?

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Most vape pods, also referred to as pods vape, mini vapes or pod systems, are designed for smokers transitioning into vaping. Although the ultimate in ease of use is something like a disposable JUUL, refillable vape pods are most a close second. They’re often compact and lightweight, with a focus on simplicity and flexibility—made possible by being refillable. However, how to avoid the hassle that many people encounter when using vape pods for the first time and grow from a novice to an experienced one? The following article will describe what should I pay attention to when using vape pods :

Here is the content list:

l  Wrong ways to use vape pod

l  Warm reminder of using process

l  Can I take my vape pod during flying?


Wrong ways to use vape pod

1. Breath in hard and fast
2. Strong collision
3. Blow the vape pods
4. Vaping while the vape pod upside down
5. Place vape pod in the high-temperature car for a long time


Warm reminder of using process:

If the following situation occurs on your vape pod, please adjust in time.

1 Causes of dizziness or buzz: Deep breath and fast inhalation causes excessive nicotine intake in a short time;

Solution: Slow and light inhalation and control the frequency of puffs when you smoke the vape pod.

2 Causes of throat dryness: frequent inhalation leads to water loss;
Solution: In the process of using your vape pod, please pay attention to drinking more water and control the vaping frequency.

3 Reasons for condensate entering the mouth – spitback: the condensate of vape pod is not cleaned in time;
Solutions: rinse your mouth with clean water; shake the pod downward, shake the condensate out; wipe the correlated parts of the device with a paper or cotton swab.


Can I take my starter kit during flying?

When flying on an airplane, the pod system of vape pod can be carried on board, but it must be carried with you and can not be checked. In addition, slight e-liquid leakage may occur due to changes in ambient pressure. At this time, the vape pod should be placed in isolation from the device and other items to avoid the contamination of the e-liquid. It is suggested to take the packed vape pod as far as possible when flying out. The pressure in the capsule is constant, which can largely avoid the risk of vape juice leakage. If you have packed vape pods, put them upside down as far as possible.


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