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What is pod system vape pen

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A Pod vape is a compact vape that uses disposable pods or the pods rechangeable.

Generally Pod vapes are small enough to hold between two fingers and are designed to be an “all in one unit” with the battery and pod fitting neatly together. This tends to make Pod vapes fairly durable as there are no external moving parts.

A pod vape, which is sometimes referred to as a pod device, is a type of electronic cigarette that works with vape pods. A pod vape consists of a battery, which attaches to a vape pod containing e-liquid. Together, the two form a pod system. At Focolvapes, we sell a pod system takes pod vaping to the next level with variable voltage temperature control and Breathe Easy.

Pod vapes set themselves apart from most other types of e-cigarettes through their use of nicotine salts or thc cbd oils. While high-powered, sub-ohm vapes are designed to work with e-liquids that contain freebase nicotine, pod vapes are designed to work with vape juices that contain nic salts or cbd or thc oil . The big benefit here is two-fold. First, the nic salts are smoother, which makes the throat hit that much more pleasant. Second, they boost your oil absorption rate. As a result, pod vapes are great for former cigarette smokers who are making the switch.



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