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What is THCO

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What is THCO ?

There are more and more categories of cannabinoid derivatives. Up to now, the well-known cannabinoid oil products are THC (delta 9) / Delta 8 and Delta 10.

Now you may see some brands said thco on the packaging , so what is THCO and how is it working ?

Unlike delta-8 and delta-10, CBC, delta-9, even or CBD, THCO does not occur naturally in a cannabis plant. It is only an acetylated version of THC that doesn't exist in a natural form but is synthesized using specialized chemicals under meticulous laboratory conditions and methods.

It is said to be three times more potent than the famous THC and a user can get psychedelic with a moderate dose. That is probably due to its better bioavailability as a result of the unique functional group (-O). It implies it is absorbed better by the bloodstream and the body organs before the resulting THC takes effect. 

When used responsibly, THCO flowers or pre-rolls take the cerebral buzz of THC an extra notch. Besides the guaranteed feelings of euphoria, it also gives a surge of energy, and creatives can expect their juices to flow more. It also has the potential to provide psychological relief when used in a controlled environment and manner. About its medicinal benefits, it is easier to assume it has less value than THC, considering it doesn't occur naturally. However, the actual health potential of the synthetically-produced THC is yet to be uncovered..

The new compound may end up not as an alternative cannabinoid but an all-essential one for both medical and recreational use. With limited study into its interactions with the endocannabinoid and other body systems, it is also pretty hard to say if it is dangerous or safe for short- and long-term usage. At this point, there is no recorded adverse effect of consuming THCO, responsibly, of course.

In its isolated form, THCO is a motor oil-like, ethanol soluble. Packaging in different delivery methods makes it easier to consume. Sweet, fruity, and other traditional strain flavors are sometimes added to make the acetated cannabinoid, which is flavorless and odorless in its normal state, more enjoyable.

For a beginner, a threshold dose of about 2 mg is advised. 10mg is enough to achieve the common psychoactive effect, but those who desire a psychedelic impact can start with 15mg. Having said all that, you should always start with a lower dose for any psychoactive cannabinoid, more so for THCO that produces a strong effect.

As a cannabinoid on the rise, it is imperative to source from brands with a good track record in producing and marketing other cannabis products that are impurity-free and of premium quality. Like other cannabinoids, you can expect THCO to come in the stated deliveries that have become a norm in the cannabis market.


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