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The Difference of THCO on the market, vapes, flowers, edibles

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THCO Flower

Infusing THCO extracted synthetically, of course,  and natural terpenes extract to CBD flower guarantee to give users an exquisite combination of deep relaxing bliss along with a burst of energy and euphoria.

THCO Tinctures

A tincture is a preferred smokeless method of consumption to make the most of the hemp-derived THCO. It is not just for the ease and enjoyable experience but also for an optimized buzz without damage to the lung.

THCO Gummies

Considering THCO is not very palatable in its isolated state, enjoying the bliss with a burst of sweetness and fruity sensation in the form of candy is a no-brainer. However, extra care needs to be taken not to get carried away by the pleasure of the sweet edibles as the relatively new cannabinoid is stronger than delta-9 and way more potent than delta-8 and delta-10.

THCO Distillate

Distilled oil contains the highest concentration of THCO and can be as high as 90% pure. The extract is purged of all - not only impurities but other cannabinoids and terpenes. It is odorless and tasteless, giving users versatility. THCO distillate can be further processed to wax to make it user-friendly.


The jury is still out about the potential risk of vaping because it remains many cannabis users' choice of consumption. THCO vape comprises pure THC-O-Acetate distillate, a good proportion of cannabis terpene, and flavor for smoother smoking. Though it takes a while for THCO consumers to experience a pronounced effect, vaping acts faster than other methods. After a hit or 2, starters need to resist the temptation of another drag.


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