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THC Oil For Vape Pen

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Vape pens provide an alternative to smoking joints. While a pen still involves inhalation, you’re inhaling vapor instead of smoke. It offers a smoother, less harmful way to get fast-acting relief from your symptoms. If you’re looking into your vape pen options, one thing to keep in mind is what’s inside the cartridge. One of your options for effective results is THC vape oil.

What's THC oil?

It’s a distillate, a potent extract of the cannabis plant. Manufacturers fill cartridges with this oil, which you can then purchase to pair with your vape pen battery. Many 0f these oil cartridges have what’s known as 510 threading. Considered to be the “universal” threading, 510 carts pair with any battery that has the same threading. The brand doesn’t matter.

Some companies that sell THC vape oils sell pre-filled “pods,” which are brand-dependent. The other distinct difference between carts and pods is that carts screw into the battery, while pods attach via a magnet.

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