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Premium Delta 8 Disposable Anchored THC Pen

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The Anchored brand was founded in 2018.

They take pride in both our southern roots and our premium-grade products. Their mission stems from this pride - to provide high quality cannabis-based products to our customers, to better their lives and their lifestyles.

Anchored. Delta-8 Disposables use premium hardware, the best 100% organic Delta-8 distillate, and a perfect blend of high-quality terpenes. A blast of freezing cold Ice Cream, with a hint of our favorite cookie flavor! ... A traditional cannabis flavor, mirroring the taste of the Sour Diesel strain!

There is no denying that their products are great. But I think if they works with us on the delta 8 oil disposable pen , all the clients will fell better. 

Our Focol brand are the proressional vape device manufacturer , and the disposable works prefectly for delta 8 oil .

Some other brands use our dipsoable pen have are sold more and more .

No matter what Ancnored is really a nice brand , looking forward to cooperate with them in the near future.



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