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Pod System Vape Device for D8/D9/D10

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 If Delta-8 is considered to be the laid-back one, and Delta-9 is the partier, Delta-10 THC would be the athlete:  fun, outgoing, and full of energy, but knows they have practice the next day. 

    Effects-wise, Delta-10 leans more towards a sativa uplift than Delta-8’s indica-style calm. Consumers have said that it gives a milder, but still effective, energetic spike and mood boost that makes it perfect for daytime use. It provides the familiar creativity, focus, and energy of Delta-9 THC, but in a more subtle way and with less of the speediness, spaciness, or paranoia that can also occur. Products are currently still a bit rare, and only a few companies have brought Delta-10 to market. 

    The number of new cannabinoid products coming on the market can seem a little confusing, maybe even overwhelming. The important thing to know is that, currently, there are options and finding the product that best fits you is easier than before.

    Focol rencently released the new product, POD SYSTEM VAPE DEVICE, FOPOD.

    It's suit for Delta8/Delta9/Delta10. And it have two models for vaping, airflow vaping and press buttom vaping.

 1.  Lead free material  
 2. 1ml capacity
 3.  Dimensions:10.5mm*20mm*85mm
 4. 350mah Battery
 5. Rechargeable Type C Port

 6. Variable Voltage 2.0v-3.5v

If you are interested in FOPOD, please feel free to contact me.

OEM/ODM Welcome!


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