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How many hits do I take off a 70% THC vape pen?

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I’ve been vaping for about a year now, and have smoked flower since I had to steal it from pterodactyls in the old times.

You can find flower pretty dependably at 20% THC and they are always pushing that further up, but a vape performs differently and the high is different, too.

Most pens offer different heat settings that affect the taste, not the THC delivery. It manipulates the turpines, the flavor of the vapor of the pen, and vape. I tend to keep mine in the coolest settings because I like to enjoy the flavors. As you move up the temperature the more it seems to mimic the feeling that you have drawing in conventional flower, where the taste is more uniform.

If you are shopping cartridges, look for a pretty even mix of sativa and indica

Tell your budtender your story and see what they may recommend.

In the Portland market, you can get vape juice for the low $20s, though you do get what you pay for.

I find the draw harder than a joint and much harder than pulling in smoke with a bong. The idea is to breathe in the vape, so you can feel it filling your lungs.

Like a really expansive flower, you have to watch because the vapor expands like crazy.

If you take too much vapor in, it is like taking too much flower; you just sort of go numb.

So, how much?

A hit comes at your right away, so I would toke one back and just hang out for fifteen minutes or so for it to calm down a little, and you should have a nice high going on.

If you want to experiment, try another. It will probably lay you flat, but get it out of your system, you know you want to try it. <grin>

But listen to Uncle Bob when I repeat Uncle George Carlin: “you only get so high and then you are wasting your dope”

And my advice always: It’s Your Body and it’s Your Mind. Act accordingly.


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