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How many hits can you get from a Delta 8 thc disposable?

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How many puffs are in a Delta-8 disposable? 

The number of puffs in a disposable depends  normally around 300-600.

Thats the relust from google . But as a manufacturer , we have to say it is wrong. Most of the delta 8 thc disposable pen on the market are 1ml or 1 gram , only a few 2 ml delta 8 disposable pen at present. So let us just talk the 1ml ones here. 

For the 1ml disposable pen ,you should take care the main info first , that is 1ml . As we tested , it is only 100-150puffs. 

Now matter how long it will be , which battrey cell they use and if they are rechargeable or not ,  the oil is only 1ml . 

So 100 puffs  to 150 puffs should be the best answer for the question.未标题-5


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