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How long does it take to charge a vape battery?

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For e-cigarette users, vape batteries are a relatively healthy alternative to smoking. Many old users have some doubts about the use of electronic cigarettes. So, how long does it take to charge the e-cigarette battery?

The following is the outline:

Does the vape battery need to be charged?

What influences the charging time of the vape battery?

How long is the single use time of vape battery?


Does the vape battery need to be charged?

Disposable vape batteries are not required. Modern society emphasizes convenience and efficiency, and many businesses produce electronic cigarettes for one-time use. For this kind of electronic cigarette, no replacement equipment for e-liquid is provided, and there is no need to charge the battery. Discard after use.

The reusable e-cigarette battery needs to be charged. However, some electronic cigarettes are composed of many detachable parts. Users can not only replace the e-cigarette shell by themselves, but also add it when the e-cigarette is used up. The battery of the e-cigarette is also detachable.

There is no need to charge if the battery is directly replaced. Some vape batteries use AA batteries on a normal scale. When the batteries are dead, they can be replaced directly, and there is no need to recharge them.


What influences the charging time of the vape battery?

The degree of battery consumption. As we all know, the time required for a mobile phone to be fully charged when it is powered off is not the same as the time required to fully charge it when it is fully charged with half of the battery. In theory, a 650 mAh lithium battery can go from dead to full in only half an hour.

The temperature situation at that time. Many electronic devices cannot be charged or charge slowly in winter. This shows that the charging speed is affected by temperature. The same is true for e-cigarette batteries, which should be charged at a suitable temperature.

The quality of charging equipment. Just like some mobile phones have a flash charging function. High-end e-cigarettes have good charging technology and charge efficiency much faster than ordinary e-cigarettes.


How long is the single use time of vape battery?

Under normal frequency of use, it can last a whole day. For a user who smokes e-cigarettes for a day within the range of normal smoking enthusiasts, whether it is a disposable e-cigarette or a rechargeable e-cigarette, it is enough for a whole day of use.

Uninterrupted use, about 5 hours. The duration of a single charge of an e-cigarette will vary depending on the brand and quality of the e-cigarette battery. But a qualified e-cigarette can basically satisfy a 5-hour uninterrupted use experience.

Use occasionally and last for a week. If it is a user who is planning to quit smoking, and only consumes the amount of one ordinary cigarette a day, that one electronic cigarette may be available for more than a full week. However, this requires a good error report. It is not good because the installation is not tight, causing liquid leakage.


In short, some vape batteries need to be recharged. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to be fully charged in half an hour and can be used for a whole day. Focol is a global supplier of electronic atomization technology solutions. Now Focol has a modern manufacturing factory for cbd cartridge/ vape battery disposable vape pen and pod system vape device. For questions about electronic cigarette batteries, here is promised an answer.

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