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How long can the vape battery last?

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E-cigarettes mainly heat the vape battery by heating the e-liquid, so as to satisfy the user experience. So, how long can the e-cigarette battery last?

The following is the outline:

  1. What is the shelf life of the unopened battery?

  2. How long can the vape battery be used at a time?

  3. What influences the service life of vape batteries?


What is the shelf life of the unopened battery?

  1. The average shelf life is two years. If the battery has not been opened for use within two years after the battery was produced from the factory, it should still be able to operate normally. However, there must be a good storage environment in the past two years. In addition, if it exceeds the two-year shelf life, it needs to be used with caution.

  2. Try to choose a production date that is as close as possible. Although the battery has a long shelf life, the batteries with a recent production date perform relatively well in all product performance. Therefore, we must pay attention to observe the battery's production date and shelf life.


How long can the vape battery be used at a time?

  1. High-quality e-cigarettes can be used all day. It can be used according to the normal frequency of use throughout the day, which can meet the needs of the whole day. However, if you continue to use it uninterrupted, then the vape battery may only last for less than a day.

  2. Depending on the volume of the product is different. Some batteries have a large capacity, and some have strong battery life. Different models of products have a different emphasis. Therefore, the use time of e-cigarette batteries should be based on the details page of the specific purchased product.


What influences the service life of vape batteries?

  1. User habits. This usage habit includes the placement of e-cigarettes, the cleanliness of e-cigarettes, whether e-cigarettes are shared or borrowed, and other issues.

  2. The processing technology of the manufacturer. Specifically, it includes many factors such as the quality of the product's raw materials, the ratio of the product's raw materials, the manufacturer's processing conditions, and whether the quality inspection procedures are reasonable. These things are subject to the supervision of the industrial and commercial market departments.

  3. The storage conditions of the seller's goods. Just like many medicines need to be kept in cold storage throughout the process, batteries also have their own storage standards, requiring a suitable range of temperature and humidity conditions. If the seller does not store it in the correct way, the battery life may be shortened.


In short, the time that vape batteries can be used is affected by many factors, but on average, e-cigarette batteries can be used for a longer time without charging, so the majority of smokers do not need to worry too much. Focol is a global supplier of electronic atomization technology solutions. Now Focol has a modern manufacturing factory for cbd cartridge/ vape battery disposable vape pen and pod system vape device. If you are concerned about the service life of electronic cigarettes, please come to consult us.



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