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Cannabis Spa's, Hotels and Resorts seemed growing up ?

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I remember when Canada was coming into legalization of cannabis and how high the energy was with everyone's ideas on where the industry would grow too. Dreams of Cannabis Spa's, Hotels and Resorts seemed exciting and kinda a no brainer to some. Those dreams came crashing down when reality hit and the industry has been stuck in 2nd gear ever since Cannabis 2.0 hit in October 2019.

Meanwhile in the United States the industry is growing at such a rate that some people within the legal states haven't even realized the growth of the cannabis tourism sector. Cannabis hotels, Edible Room Service, Farm tours where you can purchase dried flower before leaving, CBD yoga retreats, consumption lounges and well known Cannabis chefs are popping all over the 19 states with legalized cannabis. Capitalism is driving the growth of this industry and traditionally conservative states are seizing the opportunity by not over regulating the sector.

When I reach out to Hello BC (British Columbia Tourism Board) about possible opportunities to start promoting BRITISH COLUMBIA CANNABIS TOURISM, their response is that Cannabis is not something they do. They point out that regulations set by HEALTH CANADA prevent any sort of advertisement or promotion of anything cannabis. Which means there is zero opportunity for Cannabis Tourism in Canada until laws and regulations change.

Canada takes this giant step to be the first country to legalize cannabis federally and then puts up so much red tape, then when one piece is peeled away, the corner of another piece is right there. Until proper lobbying is done, nothing will change. Any dream of Canadians being the industry leaders in cannabis has been lost by the laziness of government bodies the day they tied Cannabis to the Tobacco act.



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