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What does THC-O feel like?

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What does THC-O feel like?

What's THC-O Disposable ?

THC-O Disposable is a kind of disposable vape pen filled with THC-O Oil. The Disposable Vape Pen Comes with A Battery , A Control System Board , A Oil Housing , A heating Coil. 

What's THC-O ?

THCO (or THC-O acetate) stands for tetrahydrocannabinol acetate. It is a man-made analog of delta-9 THC. That means it doesn’t naturally occur in the Cannabis plant.

THCO occurs through acetylation of THC (delta 8 or delta 9) or THCA. Acetylation is a chemical reaction where a hydrogen group is replaced by an acetyl group (CH3C=O).

How Does The THC-O Disposable Works?

For the Auto Draw THCO Disposable pen , if you buy the whole kit with oil in , you can vape it directly . And you can charge it when the battery powered off.

For the button draw thco disposable pen , mostly need to press button to vape , and a part ones such like focol vapes thco disposable pen own the preheating and voltage adjustable function.

What does THC-O feel like?


THC-O is quickly capturing the public’s attention due to its comparative strength to THC. Industry experts claim:

[THC-O] is roughly 3 times as potent as delta-9-THC and 5 times more potent than delta-8.

According to Daily CBD:

THC-O is a prodrug, which means it doesn’t become active until after it’s metabolized by the liver.

Once it’s metabolized, what’s left is essentially just delta-9-THC. So why would this compound be any stronger?

There’s a lot of speculation around this, but the theory is that it comes down to bioavailability.

The acetylated version of THC is significantly more bioavailable than the non-acetylated version. Once THC-O is absorbed, the unique functional group (-O) is removed — allowing the THC to exert its effects as usual — only at a much higher dose.

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