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How do I keep my 510 cartridges from clogging?

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510 cartridges are an easy and accessible way to consume THC and CBD products, and 510 cartridges come in a range of sizes, flavours and potencies.

However, the more potent the cartridge, the thicker overall consistency of the vape juice itself, meaning these products are prone to clogging and airflow issues. Small amounts of residue from the oil-based cartridge can accumulate in the mouthpiece, leading to a build up that restricts proper airflow over time and eventually cuts it off completely (this results in milkshake face).

The good news is, clogs are not that big of a deal, and if they can’t be avoided, they can be remedied quickly. No need to give up on the cartridge all together.


Keep it warm. Try to avoid leaving your cartridges in cold areas – this causes the oil to thicken and increases the likelihood of a clog.

Store it vertically. We realize this is not a very practical solution, as most people tuck them into their pockets or purses when not in use. But, if possible, the power of gravity alone can help you avoid clogs.

Inhale a little extra. Continue to breathe in for a few seconds after firing to clear out any excess vapour and prevent residue buildup that leads to blockages.


There are a few different ways to unclog your pen once it’s jammed up.

Warm it up. If you ignored the advice above, you can still apply the principle (within reason – do not stick in the microwave, please.) Tuck it in your pocket for a while to bring the oil back to room temperature – or, if you’re in a hurry, run a hair dryer over it for a few seconds or twist it between your palms to create some heat.

Manually poke at it. Using a safety pin or a toothpick, thread through the mouthpiece and gently dislodge the buildup.


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